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Varsity Game 6 | Eastlake @ Skyline | 10/11/19

10/13/2019, 6:15pm PDT
By Brandy Brown


In a highly anticipated match up, the Wolves marched up the hill to deliver a shutout to long-time rivals, the Skyline Spartans.

Even though the Wolves were the visiting team, the ever-faithful Wolves fans made it feel like home.

There should be no doubt about who the biggest beasts on the plateau are! The less than generous Wolves’ defense refused to allow the Spartans to put any points on the score board. The final game score was 31-0.

1st Quarter: The Spartans opening drive set the tone of how the Wolves would be hunting under the exciting Friday night lights.

Grady Robison connected with Jalen Bright and Joey Grzetic to move the ball downfield. The best connection of the quarter would be a brilliant 30-yard pass to the athletic, Cooper Williams for a Wolves’ touchdown. The extra point from consistent kicker, Ryan Curran was good.

The Wolves defense made sure their offense had another opportunity to score in the 1st quarter. The Spartans tried to make progress down field but a joint tackle from Chris Knudson and Jason Bryant would stall their efforts. Bright would go on to sack Spartans Quarterback on 3rd and 4 shutting down any hopes of scoring on the drive for the Spartans.

2nd Quarter: On the Wolves next drive, Robison would connect with Williams who had multiple phenomenal catches throughout the game. Many of these catches from Williams were ESPN worthy.

Robison would go on to connect with Max Verboort and Zade Thompson. Their work, along with Wolves strong offensive linemen, helped put the Wolves in field goal range where the reliable Curran would handle business again.

On defense, the linebackers were taking no prisoners. Garrett Carney came up with a huge tackle on the first play of the drive to thwart any momentum the Spartans thought they had. Bright would come up with another sack on the 2nd play of the drive. Drew Farrington came up with the next sack on the 3rd play which resulted in the Spartans punting on 4th and 15. The Wolves’ defense was on fire!

With the Wolves on offense again, Robison seized the opportunity to showcase his shifty ways and quick decision-making skills. On one play, it appeared that Robison would surely be sacked, but he scrambled out of the pocket and connected with Thompson again to bail the Wolves out of trouble. Next, he would connect with Bright who made a ballerina-like move to stay inbounds. Another great pass from Robison to Grzetic would keep the ball moving forward. It would be talented Senior Wide Receiver, Jack Miller, who would score on the march down the field. Followed up, of course, by Currans kick.

Score 17-0

Wolves’ defense… back at it again! Farrington started them off with a sack to set the tempo of the drive. Luke Robertson decided he would get in on the sacking action on the very next play. On 4th and 23, the Spartans were forced to punt to the relentless Wolves.

At one point, the Spartans looked like they may have a chance at scoring. Trent Nicholson and Leroy Jackson made sure to shut those thoughts down with their lockdown coverage defense.

3rd Quarter: The only kick off return opportunity the Wolves received would be at the beginning of the 2nd half.

Robison would handoff to Jackson and Bright for great yardage gains but the best play of the drive-and possibly the game, would come from the half-man/half-amazing Williams who slithered and slid into the end-zone for another Wolves’ touchdown. Currans kick for the PAT is good.

Score 24-0

Senior, Johnny O’Loughlin would start the defense off with a huge stop on 1st and 15 for a loss of 4 yards. Senior, Jacob Allen would get in on the hunt and sack the quarterback on 2nd and 19 for a loss of 2 yards making it 3rd and 21. Seniors, Jake O’Donnell and Bright shut down hopes of a 1st down on a joint tackle.

Robison connected with Thompson and Williams who would put the Wolves in great field position. Another Wolves touchdown came from a pair of back to back handoffs to Bright who pounded the ball into the endzone. PAT from Curran is good.

Score 31-0

4th Quarter:

The Wolves remained in beast mode on defense the entire game. O’Loughlin, Carney, and Jackson all came up with huge stops in the 4th quarter to help ensure there was no shift in momentum.

Even though the Wolves did not score in the 4th quarter, there were several plays from younger players that provided glimpses of a promising future for the Wolves.

The Wolves will play Newport at 7pm this Friday for Homecoming.

Let’s go Wolves! #WSPS

Special thanks to…

  • Game Story Writer: Brandy Brown
  • Statistician: John Miller
  • Spotters: Jonathan Allen & Eric Bryant
  • Photographers: Chad Greene & Mark Sutter

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