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Wolves Football Association Eastlake High Football Scholarship Program is Open

04/19/2016, 11:30am PDT
By Marcus Monteiro
Am I eligible? The Wolves Football Association (WFA) may grant scholarships to players and candidates trying out for the Eastlake High School Football Team who, without this financial assistance, would not be able to participate in related activities and camps.  
When do I have to apply by? April 30, 2016.
How much of a scholarship is offered? The amount of the scholarship awarded if any, may be a partial, or a full scholarship depending on the amount of scholarship funds available.
Is a scholarship guaranteed? No guarantee of assistance is implied by this offer or by the submission of an application. If requests exceed the amount available, the awards shall be awarded by proration or a lottery system.  They cover all or some of the costs of registration and other costs related to required uniforms, equipment, football camps, etc). 
Who provides the scholarship? The WFA provides the scholarship. 
Who decides if I’m eligible? The WFA Scholarship Committee.
Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:
* Athlete must be age 14 or higher and meet the eligibility requirements to play football for Eastlake High school and must reside within the Eastlake High School territory.   
* Athlete must make a commitment to attend all scheduled practices and games unless excused by the Eastlake High School Football Head coach or designee.
* An adult family member of applicant must participate in at least 20 hours of voluntary service at any WFA sponsored activity under the supervision of WFA Events Chair or designee who must confirm hours worked.
* Volunteer hours commitment can be offset by selling Brown Bear Car Wash Tickets at a rate of $20 dollars (4 tix X $5) per hour of volunteer time.   A full offset would require the sale of $400 (80 tickets). 
* Application must be completed by a parent, guardian, or head of household, with all requested information provided. Incomplete applications will not be considered (see attached application).
Application Requirements: A written request is required and must include the following:
* Written confirmation from Eastlake Football Coach or designee that individual is in good standing.
* Written letter documenting the player or candidates need for financial assistance.
* Agreement committing volunteer to at least 20 hours of time at WFA sponsored events.
To apply, download the application form located in the Documents section (via the Resources top menu item).

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