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JV Spartans de-kilted by Wolves

09/06/2016, 1:30am PDT

Eastlake traveled to Skyline starting off the season with a win by beating the Spartans 12 to 8 in a game that was not nearly as close as the score might indicate.

JV Spartan's de-kilted by Eastlake

Fall was definitely in the air for this year’s first Eastlake Junior Varsity Football game.  Eastlake traveled to Skyline along with a decent contingent of parents and a few fans; starting off the season with a win by beating the Spartans 12 to 8 in a game that was not nearly as close as the score might indicate.  

Eastlake received the opening kick-off, starting with the ball on their own 30-yard line.  Junior quarterback Connor Brown started for the Wolves, steering the offense down the field attacking with a balanced ground and air game.  Late in the drive Eastlake got a break on a failed 3rd down that converted into a first down due to a Skyline penalty.  A few plays later Andrew Plummer, running over the left side behind 500lbs of Lynch and Teglovic beef, took it in for the TD but the extra point was missed.

Skyline received the kickoff after the Eastlake TD, started with the ball on their own 35yd line.  The first play was an incomplete pass with the Skyline quarterback being hammered to the ground; stopping the game for the first of 3 Skyline injury timeouts during Skyline’s first drive.  After several more first downs and two more Skyline injury timeouts, Eastlake’s defensive back Scott Tornquist crunched Brendan Bice stopping Skyline on 4th down and getting the ball back for Eastlake.

Sophomore QB Dalton Chandler took over the QB duties and marched the Wolves down the field with big pass, a couple of nifty scrambles and a punishing running attack by Austin Grey and Plumber.  It looked like Eastlake would have its way with Skyline, however, the drive ended badly with an interception and Skyline took over with 4:20 left before halftime. 

After the interception, Skyline’s offense started out on their own 25 yard line, managing to put together a couple of first downs and move the ball just past mid-field.  Eastlake defense then got stingy and held Skyline to 7 yards on the next three plays.  With only a minute to go in the half Skyline opted to go for it on 4th and 3 but Eastlake’s Jack Rudd hammered Skyline’s Bice to the ground on 4th down, causing an incomplete pass and giving Eastlake the ball near mid-field.

Dalton Chandler came out to finish the half for Eastlake but had two incompletions, a sack, and then throwing a hail Mary pass with seconds left, ended the half on a meaningless interception with the score Eastlake 6, Skyline 0.  Skyline started the second half on their 35-yard line after receiving the kickoff.  The Skyline offense was stopped cold on first and second down running plays by brutal tackles coming from Woodgate and Teglovic on the Eastlake defensive front line, with middle linebacker Austin Grey adding a little love thud on each tackle as well.  On third and 8 to go, Skyline completed a pass for a first down and quickly followed that with a run for another bruising encounter with the Eastlake defensive front Jack Hendersen, ending up with a 10-yard loss.  After two incomplete passes, Skyline punted the ball, and Eastlake’s Chris Nelson received the punt powering over and around most of the Skyline pursuers for a 40-yard return.

Eastlake offense took the field, still being led by sophomore quarterback Dalton Chandler.  Starting off with excellent field position after Nelson’s punt return, they drove the ball steadily down the field with a big pass to Nate Sutter and more punishing running by Grey and Nelson. Then a long pass from Chandler to Rudd put Eastlake at the 1-yard line.  The next play Eastlake powered it over the goal behind their left side of  lineman Teglovic and Lynch, somehow, even though the entire Skyline defense was 2 yards into the end zone, the referees called the ball down on the 1 yard line where the Eastlake running back apparently put is knee down before following his lineman into the end zone.  The next play was an incomplete pass, followed by a sack.  There was a bit of tension in the stands as the Skyline parents were cheering and hoping for the big stop on 4th down while the Eastlake parents were still grumbling about the bad call on 1st down.  Then Chandler dropped back on 4th down, surveyed the field and scrambled over the over the right side for 6 points, the extra point was missed, leaving the score Eastlake 12, Skyline 0.

Eastlake kicked off and Skyline received the kick and were taken down on their 22 yard line.  Again the Eastlake defense stepped up, stopping a Skyline run on first down for no gain, then tipping a pass for an incompletion on second down.  On third down, undersized nose guard Cameron Knutsen darted past the center and slammed into Skyline’s Bice, immediately being joined by Woodgate, Grey, and a few other defenders.  With 4th and long and deep in their own territory, Skyline opted to punt, but a strong rush by Jack Reischman rattled the punter.

Eastlake got the ball in great field position on Skyline’s 29 yard line, behind a couple of short passes and solid runs Eastlake was inside the 15 yard line when Chandler threw an interception and Skyline took over on their own 5 yard line.

Eastlake defense came out and shut down Skyline in three plays.  Skyline then punted and Eastlake received the ball and took over on Skyline’s 43-yard line.

On 1st down, Chandelier dropped back to pass and scramble for 20 yards, with 15 more added on for Skyline spearing on the tackle.  With the ball again inside Skyline’s 15-yard line, the Eastlake offense sputtered with three incomplete passes and a muffed snap on 4th down causing a loss of 5 yards and turning the ball over to Skyline on their own 12 yard line.

With only 10 minutes in the half, Skyline’s situation looked pretty bleak.  But they got a big break on a long 40-yard pass when the Eastlake defender fell down.  They followed that up by a steady drive down the field mostly through the air to score their first and only touchdown, and followed that up with a 2 point conversion; making the score Eastlake 12, Skyline 8.


Eastlake received the kickoff and with less than 2 minutes left in the game.  They salted it away with two first downs on the ground. The final score was 12 to 8 Eastlake, a great start to the new season.

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