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Freshman Wolves Shut Out Monroe Bearcats in Huge Victory

09/08/2018, 9:45am PDT
By Rachelle Wharf

Freshman Wolves Shut Out Monroe Bearcats in Huge Victory

With the school year back in session the Freshman Wolves are back in full swing, starting the official season off with a big win against the Monroe Bearcats on Tuesday night. An exciting night filled with big throws, interceptions and an outstanding, 42-0 victory for the Wolves.

Directly from kick-off the Wolves dominated Monroe. An attempted Bearcat return was stopped by a pack of wolves and then a big tackle by #44, Logan Eller quickly gave the ball back to Eastlake where after a big opening run by Nathanael Birchfield the wolves quickly got their first touchdown of the game, a completed pass to #30, Cody Matson. Just 5 plays, 2.5 minutes into the game the Wolves were already up 7-0. The Wolves ended the first quarter up 14 after a completed touchdown pass.

The Wolves couldn’t be stopped going into the second quarter, starting off with an interception by, Michael Kistner. Though this momentum quickly was halted by a Monroe interception the Wolves took back possession after a big tackle by #54, Darren Hom on 4th down. After a perfect pass brought down on the 2 yard line, the wolves punched it in for another touchdown. By the end of the first half Eastlake scored another touchdown on a big pass being brought down in the endzone. An exciting interception by #25, Nate Hanna concluded the half.

The Wolves came into the second half up 28, having shut out the Bearcats so far. From the first play the Wolves showed no sign of allowing Monroe to score. A huge return resulted in a Eastlake first down and set the tone for the second half. Though the Wolves gave up possession another interception by, Hanna, brought the ball right back to the Wolves. The Wolves ended the third quarter with an exciting touchdown pass to #18, Dylan Ochs, putting them up 35-0.

The Wolves were confident going into the fourth quarter, they held this confidence throughout the rest of the game. Eastlake ran in another touchdown to up their lead by 42. Monroe couldn’t get themselves up on the board by the end of the game, getting completely shut out by the Wolves. Final score, Eastlake: 42, Monroe 0.

The Wolves started this game strong and held this momentum throughout, not letting the Bearcats keep possession and not allowing many first downs. If this is any indication for the upcoming year the Wolves are in for a strong season!

The Freshman Wolves will travel to Lake Washington High School next Wednesday, September 12th to play in their first away game of the season at 6:00PM.

Special thanks to Jennifer Lester for the great photography!

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