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Freshman Wolves Shutout Kangs in First Away Matchup

09/13/2018, 12:45pm PDT
By Rachelle Wharf

The Freshman Wolves had another huge win Wednesday night when they traveled to Lake Washington High School to face the Kangs. The wolves for the second week in a row didn’t allow a point by the opposing team, showing promise for a fun, successful season. The wolves dominated the Kangs from kickoff and kept the momentum going throughout the entire game, resulting in a high score by the Wolves, where they ended up putting 42 on the board.

After a Wolves kickoff in the first quarter by kicker, #4, Noah Weintraub a big stop on the 23-yard line gave the wolves good positioning to hold the Kangs. A tackle by #76, Ethan Kim on 3rd down forced the Kangs to punt, giving the Wolves favorable position to do something big. With the Wolves having the ball a completed pass on third down followed by a defensive penalty gave the Wolves a first down. A perfect pass by QB Parker Barrysmith, caught easily by #30, Cody Matson gave the Wolves their first touchdown of the game. The wolves kept this momentum up, an interception by #5, Jacob Wavra gave the ball right back to Eastlake. Though the Kangs were able to intercept the ball back directly after this, a big tackle by #20, Ethan Downs for a loss of a few yards hyped the boys back up and they didn’t allow the Kangs to do much the rest of the first quarter.


The Wolves came out big second quarter, a huge run on the first play resulted in a touchdown carried in by Parker Barrysmith, bringing the score to 14-0. The Kangs couldn’t do anything on offense, some big tackles by Eastlake forced them to punt. A huge punt return by Eastlakes, #7, William Eaton resulted in the Wolves third touchdown of the game. The Wolves did not want to give up possession, resulting in another interception for Eastlake. In the last few minutes of the second quarter the refs threw many flags, but the Wolves were still able to hold the Kangs and forced them punt on 4th down. Eastlake ended the second quarter on a high note, a run in touchdown by #3, Michael Lester, brought the Wolves up 28-0 going into the second half.

The second half brought no change in the Wolves domination of the game, starting off with an Eastlake touchdown, bringing the score to 35-0. Eastlake defense couldn’t be stopped either with a huge stop by Eastlake, #18, Dylan Ochs on the Kang return. On Kangs 4th down, a big tackle by Wolves, #20, brought their quarterback down and gave possession back to Eastlake. Though the Kangs ended up intercepting an Eastlake ball the Wolves defense kept the pressure on and forced the Kangs to punt on 4th down to end the third quarter.

Wolves came into the 4th quarter turning the intensity up on the struggling Kangs. Some big tackles and big runs by Eastlake in the fourth quarter showed just how dominant they were throughout the entire game. Though the wolves did give up possession on a 4th down, they kept the pressure on and didn’t allow the Kangs to put anything up on the board and they got the ball back. The Wolves ended the game with a huge completed pass on 4th down resulting in another Wolves touchdown! Final Score, Eastlake: 42, Lake Washington: 0.

The wolves kept the pressure on throughout the game, they showed no indication of slowing down, getting the ball in the in zone even late into the fourth quarter. With this being the Wolves second shutout of the season, they beat Monroe 42-0 last week, it looks like the Freshman Wolves are ready to dominate this season.

The Freshman Wolves will be back home next week, Wednesday, September 19th at 6:00pm to take on Lincoln!

Special thanks to Jennifer Lester for the awesome photography!

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