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Eastlake Wolves Experience a Tough Road Loss

09/16/2018, 6:30pm PDT
By Jennifer and Jonathan Allen

A very special thank you to the camouflage themed super-fan section who attended Eastlake’s Varsity Game Friday afternoon! The 4:30PM game was held McKenzie Stadium in Vancouver, Washington. The Eastlake Wolves played the Union Titans in a tough, but well fought game.

For full viewing coverage, the game is available on YouTube:

Game Highlights:

1st Quarter: Union jumped out early and ended the first quarter with a 15-0. Several Eastlake highlights from the first quarter:

* Defensive Back #2 Carter Cox, Linebacker #59 Andrew Plummer and Linebacker #28 Brody Leslie led the way with several nice tackles.

* Running Back #14 Wolves Jalen Bright was able to secure the ball for a nice kickoff return. This paved the way for increased playing time for Jalen on both sides of the ball.

* Running Back #22 Leroy Jackson got to see lots of playing time and was able to acquire significant yardage and get the Wolves several 1st downs.

2nd Quarter: Eastlake battled back, closing the gap…before giving up a late score before halftime. Halftime score was 29-11. Second quarter highlights:

* Kicker #8 Ryan Curran attempted and made the Wolves first Field Goal attempt of the year, a 22 yard field goal resulting in 3 points for the Wolves.

* #9 Vini Monteiro was able to secure a first down for the Wolves with a nice play

* #11 Nate Sutter was able to kill it and make many big stops from his Cornerback role against Union.

* #4 Running Back Garret Carney scored barreling through Union’s line. The Wolves tacked on an additional two points bringing the Wolves up to 11.

3rd Quarter: The wolves kept fighting but closed out the quarter with a big gap, 36-11. More individual highlights:

* Quarter Back #5 Grady Robison led the longest drive of the night, getting to the Union 2 yard-line before being denied.

* Lineman #70 Cameron Lynch acts as a one-man show stopping Union when the Wolves’ defense returns to the field.

* Safety #3 Jack Rudd also blocks a kick on the Wolves’ behalf.

4th Quarter: Both teams tack on another touchdown. The Wolves lose 43-18 – more highlights:

* The quarter begins with a huge tackle by Linebacker #24 Austin Gray.

* #2 Carter Cox finished his workman’s effort, getting in on a season-high 12 tackles!

* #12 Jackson Proctor enters as Wolves QB and is quick to gain several yards for the Wolves.

* Running Back #35 Matt Brookshier is able to dash down the field for a Wolves Touchdown!

Final Score: Eastlake-18, Union-43.

Special thanks to statistician John Miller, spotter Eric Bryant, and photographers Mark Sutter and Rob Veal.

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