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Undefeated Freshman Wolves Crush Rival Spartans

10/10/2018, 8:30am PDT
By Rachelle Wharf

On Wednesday night the Freshman Wolves took on the Skyline Spartans in an exciting battle at home. The Wolves so far this season have dominated with an undefeated record. Eastlake showed no indication of slowing down last night, with a huge win over Skyline bringing their overall record to 4-0, and their league record 2-0. The game was an exciting matchup that brought out a spirited crowd to cheer on the very successful Wolves.

The first quarter started with a Skyline kickoff, giving the Wolves possession, #33, Jack Peterson got the players hyped with a big run, showing Skyline the Wolves offense wouldn’t be easy to stop. After a big catch by #30, Cody Matson the Wolves couldn’t quite get the 1st down and a huge punt gave the Spartans possession. After a few big runs by the Spartans they were able to get the first touchdown of the game making it 7-0, Skyline. This wouldn’t stop the Wolves for long though. On defense the Wolves showed they were serious and after Wolves, #44 Logan Eller knocked a Skyline ball loose on a completed pass, the Spartans were forced to punt. The Wolves ended the first quarter with a huge run up the middle by #10, Parker Barrysmith for a first down and then some, showing the Spartans what was to come.

The Wolves started the second quarter with the ball, a completed pass on 4th down gave the Wolves a big first down and putting Eastlake in a good position. After two attempted passes the Spartans were able to intercept the ball, being brought down at the 25-yard line. The Wolves came right back with an interception by #2, Michael Kistner. The Wolves pushed down the field with many big runs by, #3 Michael Lester. The Wolves tried to make a connection in the in zone, but the ball was intercepted by Skyline on the goal line. A big sack by Wolves, #54 and #44 showed the power of the Eastlake defense and led to a Skyline punt. A 20-yard punt return by #7, William Eaton got the momentum going for the offense. Parker Barrysmith, #10 kept this momentum up with a huge run up the middle being brought down at the 5-yard line. The wolves, #3 Lester, was able to punch in the touchdown on 2nd and goal. With a completed extra point, the Wolves had tied the game up 7-7. With 17 seconds left in the half the Wolves, #44 Eller, got a huge interception, the wolves ended the first half in a tied game and showing that they could handle Skyline.

The second half the Wolves did not slow down, they dominated the Spartans the whole second half. Wolves #33, Peterson came out strong with two huge runs both resulting in first downs. The Wolves kept trucking down the field and with a completed pass to Cody Matson the Wolves got another touchdown, with another big kick for extra point completion the Wolves were then up (14-7). Though the Wolves defense came out strong, with a sack by William Eaton, the Spartans ended up moving down the field and were able to score. With a tie game at 14, the crowd was excited, and the players were pumped up. The Wolves turned it right around and with a huge run

by #3, Lester, the Wolves were able to score quickly. The wolves now up 21-14 didn’t allow the Spartan offense to do much and forced them to punt. The quarter ended on a high note with a Wolves fumble recovery after a huge hit by #73, Evann Tauscher.

The Wolves offense kept it going in the 4th quarter and right away Eastlake was able to score another touchdown, putting them up 28-14. Now that Eastlake had gotten their lead they don’t want to give it up. With a huge tackle by #5, Jacob Wavra the Spartans fumble the ball and Eastlake is able to recover. The Wolves maintain control for the rest of the game, another completed pass to Jack Peterson resulted in a touchdown. Eastlake is able to make one more connection in the final minutes of the game to score one last time. Final Score, Eastlake: 42 Skyline: 14.

The Wolves came out looking very evenly matched with their rivals. The game was very exciting with the two offenses going back and forth the first half, but Eastlake was able to pull ahead and show what the team is capable of. With their 4-0 record the Freshman Wolves are in first place and show no signs of slowing down!

The Wolves head to Newport High School next Thursday, October 18th for an early game at 4:30pm!

Special Thanks to Jennifer Lester for the awesome photography!

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