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Wolves Keep It Going with Big Win Over Mustangs

10/25/2018, 10:15am PDT
By Rachelle wharf

Eastlake The Freshman Wolves were on the road again, Wednesday night when they traveled to Redmond High School to face the Mustangs. The Freshman team stayed strong last night and as a team were able to hold the Mustangs and get another big win. The Wolves were able to beat the Mustangs 30-20 in an exciting matchup.

The Wolves have proven this season that they can dominate both on Offense and Defense and this game was no different. The Wolves defense came out big early on in the game, just a few plays into the first quarter, a huge pick in the in zone by #48, Connor Phillips gave the Wolves possession. The Wolves got the ball back on the 20-yard line and some big runs pushed them down the field, a big run by #3 Michael Lester got the Wolves a first down. Though the Wolves were forced to punt on 4th down, a huge hit by #5, Jacob Wavra stops Redmond on the return. Eastlakes defense kept it going with some big stops leading to a punt by the Mustangs. The wolves kept the momentum up on offense starting with a great one-handed catch by #30, Cody Matson. #28, Nathan Birchfield followed this great catch with back to back rushing first downs. The Wolves ended the first quarter with a big pass from Barrysmith being brought down at the 2-yard line by Cody Matson.

Going into the second quarter neither team had gotten on the board yet and the Wolves were in great scoring position. The wolves were able to punch it in from the 2-yard line for the first touchdown of the game. A huge kick, right down the middle got the wolves the extra point and put them up 7-0. On the Wolves kickoff a big stop by #7, William Eaton set the tone for the Wolves defense. Two big stops by #12, Colin Baker and #71 Ryan Ware, rattled the Redmond offense. The Redmond quarterback felt the Wolves pressure and threw an interception, caught by Eastlakes, Dylan Rogers. The Wolves quarterback, Parker Barrysmith was able to lead the Wolves downfield, finally able to run it in for another Wolves touchdown. The Wolves had to stay tough now on defense with Redmond putting the pressure on. Wolves #11, Carson Hubbard was able to stop a huge throw by Redmond at the 6-yard line. Eastlake was able to hold Redmond just steps from the in zone with some great defense, putting the ball back in the Wolves hands. Redmond was able to regain control after an interception and they had a few big plays resulting in a touchdown, the Wolves felt the pressure with the score now 14-6. The Wolves come back strong the rest of the second half and are able to score two more times on some big passes thrown by Eastlake QB, they end the half strong up, 27-6.


The Wolves ended the first half strong with a big lead, but they weren’t going to lose this momentum going into the second half. The Wolves defense came out strong and defensive power was shown when Wolves #44, Logan Eller forced Redmond out of bounds on a powerful hit. Redmond’s offense kept trucking down the field, but the Wolves were able to hold them at the 1-

yard line where the Stangs, feeling frustrated, got called for holding, for a loss of 10 yards. Though after a few big plays Redmond was able to run it in, the Wolves defense stayed tough the entire time. The Mustangs are able to complete a 2-point conversion bringing the score to a close, 27-14. The Wolves ended the 3rd quarter with a closer score then they have been used to this season, putting the pressure on.

The Wolves had control of the ball going into the 4th quarter, starting off on a high note with another first down for Michael Lester. The Wolves press down the field and on 4th and 9 they decide to go for the field goal, kicker, Noah Weintraub punches in a perfect 31-yard field goal, putting the Wolves up 30-14. With control of the ball Redmond is able to get one final touchdown of the game, going for the 2-point conversion, Wolves knock the ball down, denying them. The Wolves ended the game with high spirits and some impressive plays.

Final Score, Eastlake: 30 Redmond: 20

The Wolves will be home next week, 10/31, to face North Creek at 6:00PM in their final game of the season!

Thank you to Jennifer Lester for the awesome pictures!

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