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Freshman Wolves Clench Undefeated Record

10/31/2018, 7:00pm PDT
By Rachelle Wharf

With a huge win Wednesday night over the North Creek Jaguars the Freshman Wolves were able to complete their undefeated season! Halloween night brought a closer game then the Wolves were used to, Eastlake being down most of the game, but the Wolves were able to pull ahead though in the end to complete their perfect season.

The Jaguars were able to come out big in the first quarter showing that they wanted possession, a theme we would see the rest of the game. Wolves defense came out strong though with some big tackles, they were able to hold the Jags. The Jaguars were able to complete a first down pass but a huge tackle by, #16 Robbie Pudas brought them down. Though the Jaguars kept pressing down the field another big stop by, Pudas and a hard tackle by, #5 Jacob Wavra stopped the Jaguars on their 5-yard line. A tackle by Nate Hanna stops the Jaguars at the goaline. Even with these huge stops the Jaguars are able to punch it in, with a completed extra point the Jaguars were up 7-0. The Wolves offense felt the pressure, a huge first run by #3, Michael Lester got the team moving. A big run up the middle by Parker Barrysmith got the Wolves a first down and then some. The wolves end the first half, 2nd and goal, wanting a touchdown.

The second quarter looked promising for the Wolves, they were in a great scoring position. It was 4th and goal and the wolves went for the pass, incomplete. This was the first time all season the Wolves had been down like this. The Jaguars get the ball back and with some big passes they are able to press down the field, a huge stop by, #19 Dylan Rogers slows the jaguars down though. Followed up by a huge tackle by Logan Eller the Wolves rattle the Jaguars and they throw an incomplete pass on 4th down. With Eastlake back on offense, North Creek’s defense has some big stops and force the Wolves to punt on 4th down. The Wolves end the first half down 7-0, something both the fans and players haven’t been used to this season.

With half time over and the Wolves down by 7 the Wolves defense needed to come out big. Wolves, #9 Griffin Miller gets it started with a huge hit. Another big tackle by Logan Eller stops the jaguars at the line of scrimmage. The jaguars press down field, but a pack of wolves keep the pressure on forcing an incompletion on 3rd down. The Wolves want the ball back and on 4th down a huge stop gets them possession. The Wolves play some strong offense but pressure from the Jaguars brings up 4th and 9, a big kick puts the Wolves back on defense. The 3rd quarter ends with North Creek pressing down the field and the Wolves still down a touchdown.

The Wolves crowd gets loud to start the 4th quarter, where the Jaguars start it off by punting away the ball. A huge catch by, #30 Cody Matson gets the Wolves moving downfield. After pressing down the field, a huge run up the middle by Michael Lester punches the ball in for a Wolves touchdown. The Wolves go for the extra point, but the kick is blocked, bringing the score 7-6. With the Wolves excited and back on defense, just a few plays in North Creek fumbles for a Wolves recovery. Another huge catch for Michael Lester, now on offense, gets the ball all the way down

to the 3rd yard line. The Wolves, Cody Matson is able to run it in for another Wolves touchdown, they are up for the first time in the game. The Wolves decide to go for a two-point conversion, Lester easily runs the ball in, putting them up 14-7. The Wolves have found their groove now and back on defense they bring the pressure and force another fumble, Wolves recover. After some great plays by the Wolves, another huge run for Lester results in an Eastlake touchdown. A blocked extra point puts the Wolves up 20-7. The Wolves stay tough the rest of the game, not allowing the Jaguars to put anything up on the board.

The Wolves have had an incredible undefeated season, this win against North Creek was one of the tougher games the Wolves have had this season, but it showed that they truly are a winning team. Congrats to the freshman Wolves on their incredible season!

Thank you to Jennifer Lester for the awesome photography!

…and Special thanks to all the fans that came out on Halloween Night to come watch the boys finish their season!

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