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Stadium Information


The Wolves Stadium is located at:
400 228th Ave NE, Sammamish, WA 98074

Click on the map on the right for directions.



Spectator Rules

A. Fans are to stay off the playing field/floor at all times, particularly at the conclusion of the games.
B. There shall be no noisemakers, megaphones, and noise amplifiers in any rooting section during any athletic contest.
C. There shall be no confetti thrown in any rooting section during any athletic contest
with the participating school(s) being subject to paying the additional clean up expense.
D. Student tailgating is allowed at home events only.
E. No Face painting, No bare chests and/or body painting at KingCo athletic contests is allowed.
F. One official school banner for the home team only and adhere to the standards of the KingCo signage policy. Students are not permitted to have signs in the stands.
G. Live mascots (animals or birds) are NOT permitted at the contest.
H. Vulgar, obscene or suggestive yells or signs are not to be part of any student
rooting section.
I. No beverages opened or unopened are allowed to be brought into the stadium.