2014 Wolves Community Event

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Aug 152014

Join us August 23rd at 6:30pm at Sammamish City Hall to Kickoff the 2014 Eastlake High School Season!

Live music, good friends, new friends, drinks and dinner!  We’ll have a few items to bid on, too, if you’re interested.  Follow on twitter or facebook to see daily posts about auction items.

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Aug 152014

Watch scrimmage, meet coaches, enjoy band, dance and cheer.  And BBQ!

Friday, August 29, 2014, 6pm to 8pm

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Wolves Football friday night lights


Jun 232014

Own a business and want to support Eastlake Wolves Football?  Our 2014 business booster package includes four plans, with a special bonus gift for those who submit their form prior to July 16, 2014.

Heard enough?  Ready to buy?  See the Buy Now button below.

Thanks to the generous donation from Evergreen Ford we have added a new electronic video scoreboard.  The new scoreboard allows for the opportunity for our sponsors to promote their business during our games this season.  Also new this year is the opportunity for a limited number of sponsors to promote their business with social media marketing through our Facebook optimizer application; we are unique in offering this special social media marketing opportunity.

Check out the options by clicking here, or on the link below!



Here are details for what will work best for an ad:

Image has to be 252 pixels wide and 115 pxels tall.  Only the top portion of the video scoreboard is available for ads.  Small words or graphics will not display well.  What works well are large visual, several medium sized visuals, large print.  For example:


Perfect size (252×115)

Big, appealing, simple visual

Lucky Scooters


Again, right size (252×115)

Good visual

Few words but large

pro scooters


Right size (252×115)

Address/phone/email/website letter too small and too much

Letters below PSS are too small and again too crowded

Scooter logos are good but any words in or on won’t show well.

pro scooter shop seattle

Video is supported but have to be small in size, less than 10mb, and in the following formats:


An example of a short 15-second video with sound, size is about 4mb.  It plays well on the video scoreboard.  Larger files will not perform well.




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